‘Some things are so embarrassing that you can’t talk about them face to face’

15 year old male

ChatHealth is a text service enabling young people aged 13- 19 at secondary school to reach out to our School Nurse team for confidential advice on a wide range of issues such as bullying, emotional health and wellbeing, sexual health as well as illnesses.  For parents and carers it offers the opportunity to get parenting advice and information from a Health Visitor without the need to take time out for a face to face appointment.

You can contact us at any time, and we’ll get back to you between 9am and 5pm.
Young people can speak to a school nurse on: 07520 631 722
Parents and carers to a health visitor on: 07520 631 721

What can people text about?

School nurses are there to support young people with a range of difficulties.

If you are a parent or carer you can text a Health Visitor who can help with all kinds of things like:

  • Child health and development
  • Adjusting to parenting
  • Feeding/sleep/routines
  • Toileting/continence
  • Parental mental health

How does it work?

This service works in the same way for both School Nursing and Health Visiting advice, the difference is the dedicated text number to reach the right health practitioner for you.