How we can help

The Public Health Nursing Service is there to help and support you and your family with any needs that are impacting upon your health and wellbeing.

When you first meet your Health Visitor or School Nurse, you will be invited to complete a ‘family health needs’ assessment. This will help us to plan the  level of service you need.

This will be one of the following:

  • Community – the Public Health Nursing Service will provide information about local services for families and support you to access them
  • Universal – in addition to community assistance, all families are offered a range of health-enhancing activities through the Healthy Child Programme including advice and health reviews. Priorities include breastfeeding and the promotion of children’s emotional and physical health
  • Universal Plus – to respond to any specific concern such as post-natal depression, domestic abuse, child behavioural difficulties. The Public Health Nurse Team can provide individual help appropriate to your circumstances
  • Universal Partnership Plus – where families may have more complex issues. The Public Health Nurse Team will work with other agencies and organisations to provide additional more focused support

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Who might my child or I see?

The team is made up of Health Visitors, School Nurses, Staff Nurses and Community Health Workers.

Health Visitors and School Nurses are qualified nurses or midwives with post-registration experience who have undertaken further training and education in child health, health promotion, public health and education.

Health Visiting

Health Visitors play a crucial role in giving newborn children the best start in life, and support their families in being able to deliver this.

We help families during those early years of a child’s life, which can have a profound impact on the lifelong health and wellbeing of young children and their families.

We also lead on the delivery of the early years elements of the Healthy Child Programme in partnership with other multidisciplinary services.

Please see here for more information on Health Visiting.

This may include:

We can support you with any concerns in regard to your child’s behaviour and development. To do this we offer phone support and face to face contact in settings in the community or in your home.

We provide child and family health services through delivery of the Healthy Child Programme. This includes:

  • an antenatal contact after 28 weeks for the parent(s) to be.
  • a new birth visit to the Parent(s)/Carer(s) and new baby by 14 days postnatal
  • a review at 6-8 weeks
  • developmental reviews by 1 year and 2 and a half years of age

All points of contact will allow for a review of any family health concerns and work with you to plan how additional support can be accessed if required.

School nursing

Please see here for more information on school nursing.

What happens next?

Expectant mothers will be automatically referred into the Health Visiting service.

Antenatally, the local midwifery teams will provide details of your expected date of delivery to the local Health Visiting teams. We use this information to make contact with you when you are pregnant.

When your baby is born, the Health Visiting team will receive automatic notification from the hospital. You will be contacted to arrange for a Health Visitor to visit you.

If you move into the area after your child is born, your new GP will usually let us know you have registered and we will make contact with you. Alternatively, you call call us directly.

Download the Public Health Nursing Referral Form>

Once your child reaches school age the School Nursing Service will receive details that your child has transferred into school.  You can contact the School Nursing team should you wish to make enquiries regarding any aspects of your child’s health.