Children and young people who have a multi-sensory impairment have both a hearing and vision loss. Some of these young people also have medical, physical and cognitive disabilities.

The Multi Sensory Impairment Service work directly with children and young people who have a dual sensory loss and have had a deafblind assessment, been assessed as requiring one to one support, and funding secured.

We support children and young people to understand the information they receive so they can interact with others more effectively and make informed choices.  We also encourage the development of new skills to compliment, support and maintain independence, confidence and safety.

How can we help?

We encourage the development of new skills to compliment, support and maintain independence, confidence and safety in deaf and blind children and young people based in Devon.

After we have received the referral, we will arrange a initial home visit. There we will complete a care plan and risk assessment. We will discuss your child’s needs, aims, likes, dislikes, interests and any other information we may need to enable us to give you the best level of support.

We support children and young people with a total communication approach. We support young people in their preferred methods of communication and work on extending and developing these.

The team specialises in all areas of deafblindness and provides a wraparound service. This enables children and young people to access to social opportunities and education. The wraparound approach provides a consistent approach for the young person and as a service we can support them in transferring skills to different settings.

With input from your child and their lead professional, we will then agree a plan of support for your child.

Our support covers three main areas:

  • Orientation and mobility;
  • Communication; and
  • Learning and development

Who will see my child?

We are dedicated to providing every child with the best care and support we can.

Our team of multi-sensory workers aim to provide the best one-to-one support for your child and are fully trained in-line with Ofsted guidelines.

Our team are given access to the most appropriate training to enable them to focus on the individual needs of the young people and families they support.

Every member of our team has relevant checks before they can work with your child.

What happens next?

Referrals to the service can be made via your lead professional, social worker or educational setting.

We are able to referrals via direct payments for social care needs.