The enabling service will support your child in being more independent and able to overcome barriers to inclusion, providing a reliable and professional service which focuses on your child.

We support your child to acquire life skills such as:

  • independence
  • self-esteem
  • confidence
  • cooking
  • travelling
  • money management
  • learning the concept of time
  • volunteer placements
  • seeking advice for further education and career options

Additionally, we can support your child in your home by helping with morning and/or evening care.

Young people are able to access ASDAN accredited courses and qualifications  and work through these with the support of an enabler.

What happens next?

A referral is needed from a lead professional or a key worker. Once we receive a referral for your child, we will contact you to identify a suitable enabler then arrange a home visit to introduce everyone.

During the home visit, we would like to meet with you and your child to discuss aims and targets to be worked towards. Throughout your child’s time with our service, we liaise with the referrer to ensure that goals and targets are being met.