Devon Family Support Services enable some of the most profoundly disabled and complex children and young people to remain at home in the care of their families while promoting development and taking part in fun, stimulating activities.

The service also facilitates their education through support at school and provides advice and support for parents experiencing difficulties.

Who might my child see?

Parent Support Workers are experienced staff with a range of backgrounds and qualifications which enable them to support both parents and children. We use a holistic and inclusive approach, embracing families from different backgrounds, cultures and religions. We work alongside families to achieve the best outcomes for each family.

We are dedicated to providing every child with the best care and support we can. Our team are fully trained and given access to the most appropriate training to enable them to focus on the individual needs of the young people and families they support. Every member of our team has relevant checks before they can work with your child.


Our service has the following specialist teams which cover the whole county:

You can refer a child or young person to us in any of these areas by using the Single Point of Access and making a Request for Service once you’ve met our request criteria.