Devon Family Support Services enable some of the most profoundly disabled and complex children and young people to remain at home in the care of their families while promoting development and taking part in fun, stimulating activities.

The service also facilitates their education through support at school and provides advice and support for parents experiencing difficulties.

How can we help?

We work with families to provide guidance, support and strategies within their home.

We will work alongside you to support you in developing skills, knowledge and confidence to overcome any difficulties you may be experiencing within the family home. This might include support with household routine and support to understand and manage your child’s behaviour.

We can help support you with:

  • understanding your child’s behaviour
  • developing and managing routines
  • setting boundaries
  • support in keeping your child safe
  • support with managing your home life
  • support with family finances and budgeting
  • understanding your child’s diagnosis
  • taking your children out/managing their behaviour in the community
  • understanding your child’s diagnosis at tending professional meetings
  • managing with meal times and making health life style choices
  • support with eating disorders diagnosis

We will meet with you to find out more about the type of support you would like from the service, and to consider how we might work together. We’ll spend time getting to know your family through home visits at times of the day that you’ve asked for support. We’ll work with you to identify what’s going well, and any areas where we can support you to make changes. using the Family Outcome Star. We’ll help you implement those changes and support you in maintaining them.

Who might my child see?

Our service has the following teams, please click the name of the team for more information:

  • Children’s Homes (providing short breaks)
  • Complex Healthcare Team (CHC)
  • Multi-Sensory Impairment Team
  • Enabling service
  • Activity Schemes
  • Parenting Support Team

What happens next?

Referrals to the service are made via social workers, health professionals, education professionals and other specialist professionals.

To access these services, please speak to your lead professional.

Following referral, we will aim to make an appointment to visit you at home alongside the professional who has referred you into the service.