Specialist School Nurses

The Special School Nurse Service provides a responsive and high standard of nursing care for children with complex health needs who attend special schools across Devon.

Autism Spectrum Assessment Service

The Autism Spectrum Assessment Service provides diagnosis and help for children and young people up to 18 years of age suspected of being on the Autism Spectrum. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a condition that affects social interaction, communication, interests and behaviour. We’ll help to identify the difficulties children and young people referred to us face and work with them and their families and carers to ease those difficulties.

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)

The Devon Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) provide help for children and young people who may be experiencing problems with their emotional or psychological wellbeing or mental health.

Children in Care Service

The term ‘looked after children and young people’ is generally used to mean those ‘looked after’ by the Local Authority. This includes children and young people who are subject to a care order; those temporarily classed as looked after on a planned basis for short breaks or respite care, and ‘accommodated’ children and young people who are looked after on a voluntary basis at the request of, or by agreement with, their parents.

Community Children’s Nursing Service

The Community Children’s Nursing Service supports children with a wide range of complex health conditions who require expert and specific nursing advice and support.

Devon’s Family Information Service for Children with Additional Needs (SIGNPOSTplus)

SIGNPOSTplus (previously DISCplus) is a service which provides information and advice to all families of children with additional needs in Devon. The service is also available to any professional working with families or directly with children.

Family Support Services

We provide care and support for families with children who have additional needs such as physical and/or learning disabilities; sensory impairment and complex health needs within the community, their own homes and our children’s homes for short breaks.

Learning Disability Team

We are a specialist team of Learning Disability Nurses and child Learning Disability Clinical Psychologists. We provide a community Learning Disability service providing advice and support to children, young people, and parents/carers as well as to healthcare and education professionals. Integrated Children’s Services provides the NHS Learning Disability service across Devon.

Occupational Therapy

The Children’s Occupational Therapy service specialises in working with children and young people from birth to 18 years. We support children and young people with physical, sensory, developmental, cognitive and social needs that affect their functional abilities and impact on their daily life. Integrated Children’s Services provides the NHS Children’s Occupational Therapy service in North, South and Eastern Devon. Our occupational therapists also assess and make recommendations for the provision of adaptations and equipment on behalf of Devon County Council.

Palliative Care

The ICS Palliative Care service provides a responsive and high standard of nursing care and support for children, young people with life limiting and life threatening conditions across Devon.

Public Health Nursing

The Public Health Nursing Service provide a Health Visiting and School Nursing service across Devon. We deliver child and family health services, provide ongoing additional services for vulnerable children and families and contribute to multidisciplinary services in safeguarding and protecting children.

Rehabilitation Officers for Visually Impaired Children (ROVIC)

A rehabilitation officer for visually impaired children (ROVIC) is qualified and proficient in their practice to assess, advise, create and deliver training programmes for babies, children and young people (0-18 years), who have significant visual difficulties impacting on how they reach and develop skills.

Social Services – Children with Additional Needs

This service is provided by Devon County Council.

Specialist Children’s Assessment Centres (SCAC)

Our Specialist Children’s Assessment Centres (SCAC) provide specialist assessment and intervention for children aged 0 – 5 years with significant developmental difficulties. The multi-disciplinary team works with families and community services to provide services which are tailored to individual children’s needs both in the centres and in the community.

Speech and Language Therapy

Speech and Language Therapists provide support and assistance to children and young people who are experiencing difficulties with speech, language, communication and with feeding and swallowing (also called Dysphagia). The team is made up of Speech and Language Therapists and Speech and Language Therapy Assistants.