About us

We work closely with social workers, support workers and foster carers as well as the young people to help to prevent foster placement breakdown.

We support children, young people and their families and carers by providing a specialist mental health service to the systems around them so that together, we can promote and support placement stability.

We believe that children and young people in foster care should develop to their fullest social and personal potential.

Who will see me?

Our team is dedicated to providing every child with the best care we can and every clinician has undertaken specific training. There are different types of staff in our team including doctors, nurses, psychologists, primary mental health workers and family therapists.

How can we help?

We will discuss the best way to help with the current difficulties when we meet with you.

However, some ways that we might provide help include:

  • Direct assessment of children and young people and the systems around them in relation to any risks, emotional, behavioural or mental health difficulties they might be experiencing
  • Supporting and close working with foster carers offering strategies, support and guidance through psycho education, therapeutic support and training on an individual and group basis
  • Consultation, supervision, support, guidance and training offered to the professional agencies around the child and young person and
  • Supervision and consultation to staff in residential local authority children’s homes.

You can refer a child or young person to us in any of these areas by using the Single Point of Access and making a Request for Service once you’ve met our request criteria.