About us

JACAT helps children and young people individually and with their families.

We can help by supporting families to come to terms with abuse and to work individually with children and young people to help them recover from the trauma that abuse can often cause.

We will plan the way we can best help, together with you and sometimes other professionals with whom you are working. This might involve offering services from different team members or specialist professionals according to your child’s specific difficulty and the plan we have made together.

Who will see my child?

Our team is dedicated to providing every child with the best care we can and every clinician has undertaken specific training. Staff are trained in trauma work and sensitively help to find ways of recovering from the effects of abuse.

There are different types of staff in our team including clinical psychologists, specialist mental health workers in sexual abuse. The team also has an art therapist, a play therapist, and a systemic family practitioner. We have access to consultant psychiatry as required across the county.

How do I refer?

Children and young people are referred into our service because there are concerns relating to the sexual abuse or assault of a child or young person in that family. These concerns may be about how the young person is affected emotionally or psychologically, or how they or other family members are managing the stress or trauma of the experience.

You can refer a child or young person to us in any of these areas by using the Single Point of Access and making a Request for Service once you’ve met our request criteria.

Case study

Elsa, 12 years old, came to the Journey After Child Abuse Team after she had been sexually abused by young man who was a friend of the family.

Read Elsa’s story.