About us

Devon Integrated Children’s Services provide children’s health services across Devon.

We are a myriad of health and social care, and some aspects of education assessment, that support children and young people and their families and carers in Devon.

We have launched a single point of access for all of our children’s services, meaning that we can be contacted via one phone number and one address.

Our aims

The overall aims of the Integrated Children’s Services are to:

  • Achieve the best health and well-being outcomes for all children and young people through the succinct delivery of identification, assessment, treatment and support/care
  • Deliver high quality, accessible and safe services on a consistent basis across Devon
  • Provide efficient and effective services ensuring value for money

This website                                                                                

The Devon Integrated Children’s website aims to give parents, carers, children and young people help and advice with a health difficulty they or their child may be experiencing. This website provides a number of toolkits to enable you to address the difficulty at home before being referred into our services.

The website is also for health professionals looking for information on how to refer a child or young person into one of our services and the steps you can take before hand.

Service specifications

Services described in the Service Specifications are interdependent in delivering the key strategic outcomes for these children and young people.

The aim is that the services will deliver the following components:

  • Proven evidence-based interventions and innovative developmental programmes of practice, as agreed with the Commissioners, which are fully monitored and locally evaluated
  • Health and social care early identification, assessment and support services which are fully integrated and in partnership with education
  • An Integrated Care Pathway for transition to adult services for eligible young people up to age 18 (extending to 25, subject to outcome of national review and the Service Variation process set out in the contract)
  • Operational commissioning of elements of service and support, as agreed with the Commissioners. For example community equipment, complex cases and residential placements

Read our 2017 Quality Account >

Other providers in Devon

Integrated Children’s Services are currently provided through a combination of multi-agency teams and single agency responses and are accessed through a single point of access approach (with the exception of universal provision), which provides a vehicle to triage and determine the most appropriate response.

We are responsible for provision across the county of Devon of the services detailed in the Service Specifications with the exception of those services listed below:

  • Children and young people’s physiotherapy services in southern Devon (which are currently provided by South Devon Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, Torbay and Southern Devon Health and Care NHS Trust and Plymouth Community Healthcare Community Interest Company)
  • Paediatric speech and language therapy services in southern Devon (which are currently provided by South Devon Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust)
  • Acute based community children’s nursing services in southwest and northern Devon (which are currently provided by South Devon Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust respectively)
  • Physiotherapy services in eastern and northern Devon (which are currently provided by Vranch House)
  • Augmentative Communication Aids and specialist wheelchair provision throughout Devon (which are currently provided by Vranch House, Whiz Kids and Exeter Mobility Centre)
  • Special Educational Needs assessment and allocation co-ordination services throughout Devon (which are currently provided by Devon County Council County Special Education Team)